Thursday, September 8, 2011


I visited one of my favorite dress-blogging sites yesterday -- -- and was super-pleased to learn that I had been randomly chosen to win two patterns of my choice from her stash! Hooray!

I chose Simplicity 2621, a corset and farthingale pattern, because I've been meaning to make a farthingale for a while now, and more corsets = more fun, right? So that's cool. And for my second choice, I picked an Elizabethan court dress pattern, Simplicity 3782, because I gotta have something to wear over the farthingale and corset!

These will be my first projects with patterns I haven't drafted myself. That's kind of exciting. Of course, I have a kerjillion other things on my list, but keep watching my blog here and eventually you'll see what I make with my pattern-prizes.

A big thank you to Artemisia Moltabocca!

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