Saturday, December 10, 2011

Locally Famous for Cloaks

Apparently my GoT cloak is inspiring jealousy all over the place. Thank you all; I shall take a bow.

But remember my cloak? The one for me? The red one? Scoot back a few entries and you'll find it. Red wool, and I'm stitching a black applique border onto it. Well, as I've mostly gotten my holiday projects done, I finally have time to get back to it, and that is very pleasing to me!

I'll have the border done in another night or two, and then comes the part that's been giving me fits: how to hide the non-period-style slash pockets on the front. I can't just sew them shut and brush the wool to felt them over; they're too obvious for that. The only real option I've been able to come up with is to cover them, and I'm thinking more applique is the way to go.

At first I thought of using rampant stags. It's the holiday season and apparently I have reindeer on my mind. I figured if they were posed rampant, the diagonal stance would just gloss right over those slash pockets, and ta-dah!

(<<< thank you, Hungary, for your example of a rampant stag.)

But then I started worrying about things like "Is this going to be appropriate to my persona?" and "Wait, aren't stags reserved for royalty or something? Or is that unicorns?" And then I start wondering if anyone would ask why there were stags ramping on my cloak, would I be able to offer a better defense than "Deer are cute! Yay reindeer!" I mean, I've heard intimidating tales of SCA garb-cattiness. I don't want to make a fool of myself.

Finally I landed on my usual attitude-adjuster of doing what pleases me and if anyone has a problem with it, they can pick up a needle and make me a cloak. So I printed out some of the rampiest stags I could Google, and tried fitting them for size on my cloak.

And they looked all wrong, skinny legs flying all over, and equally frail antlers... they just didn't fill the space well. Those stags looked spindly and tiny and alone. Then I remembered the family blazon, and the majestic boar's head. Perfect.

Wait til you see this cloak, you guys. It's gonna be terrific!

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