Friday, December 30, 2011


I've been meaning to make myself a pair of stockings for quite a while. I even have the yardage set aside: a lightweight soft blue-grey wool. One of my inspirations, Racaire ( ), mentioned on Facebook the other day that she was making new hosen and posted some pics. Since I had just finished my boar haversack, I was ready for a new project and this one seemed like the perfect one, something small and quick.

Racaire made her pattern by fitting a muslin to her leg and foot. I tried that and quickly discovered that I suck at poking straight pins through fabric at the back of my leg -- although I'm super good at poking pins through my leg. Ow. So out came the duct tape. I made my pattern and cut it out of some poly-wool blend that came in a bulk stash I got at a yard sale. It's a pretty green color, but it looks kinda like astroturf when you get up close. Anyway, here's the end result:

There's an obvious issue around the ankle, and the top of the thigh is really loose. So it's back to the fitting room for more pins and then round two. Stay tuned!

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