Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Liebster Blog Awards!

Artemesia Moltabocca of Diary of a Renaissance Seamstress bestowed upon me the Liebster Blog Award. The Liebster highlights up-and-coming blogs with less than 300 followers. I did a happy little hands-to-open-mouth yip of astonishment and delight, and it was such a fantastic feeling that I want to pass that Moment of Squee on to some of my favorites too. You should really take a look!

1. Mylla's Medieval Musings is like sorting through your button jar and finding one with rhinestones in it. Her updates are starting to be more regular now, and I'm so glad, because she does some amazing things -- not just sewing -- and she also enjoys showing off links to incredible things her friends do.

2. Historical Recreations is a treat to read because not only does Niamh O'Rourke make lovely things, but she's very thorough in her research and the pictures she shares of her garments are terrifically evocative.

3. Fuzzbutts makes me laugh. I met Ashley Rhodes while playing World of Warcraft and she is one of the funniest people I know. Her cartoons feature the antics of her sociopathic cat, her often-confused-but-always-enthusiastic dogs, and her husband, who is perfectly matched to her and always one step ahead of the critters. She just had a baby this month, and I'm hoping that she'll still manage to find a little time now and then to post new content. I can't want to see the baby join the comedic ranks!

4. Haandkraft is awesome. At first I had to trust Google Translate to read this one, and I don't think that GT has a real grasp on what is going on sometimes. Now Louise and the gang are starting to blog in English as well as Swedish, hooray! And if you don't read Swedish or English, well, first of all, how are you reading this? and secondly, the pictures themselves are fantastic enough to make this blog worth checking out.

5. As The Needle Passes is one I check out often, and am always happy to see with a new post. I am leaning toward more embroidered decoration on my projects, and Cateline inspires me with her simple, elegant designs. Plus, like me, she seems to be a stickler for using period fabrics -- wool and linen here -- and the fact that she does this work and has two young boys is reason enough for accolades.



  1. Congratulations on your win! You deserve it!

  2. I made you squee? My work here is done. :)