Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Self-indulgent bragging ahead!

I'm sorting my stash. Thanks to some recent purchases, I had trembling stacks of folded fabric threatening to topple off the chests of drawers I try to keep all my supplies in. I'll show you the whole set-up when it's presentable, but for now I'll post a brag pic of my closet full of wool.

The true colors are a bit off -- those teal blues are actually green.
That nice bright red, though? That's gonna be a dress for me someday, and so is that gorgeous caramel brown.  There's  some fine white linen on the far left that is going to be a new smock. I have many happy, busy sewing days ahead of me!

Amazingly, this isn't all of it: I also have a drawer of smaller bits and scraps and another drawer with  two or three really big cuts that are too heavy for hanging. All of it bought from thrift shops and garage sales, and not one piece cost more than $10.

Closet hanging is a really great way for me to keep track of what I have on hand. It's all right there on display. Where's that bit of fine green stuff I had? Oh! There it is. 

If I were really feeling organized, I'd measure each bit and label it so I could tell at a glance if I had enough for a particular project. No time for that now. I just want to make a tidy-up so that I have fewer distractions as I start the fall sewing season and my Big Project. Also, Dave keeps looking at my sewing area and sighing...

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