Saturday, July 5, 2014

Belt done yet..?

Not quite. Because suddenly I decided that it needed a little bit more. And so I'm adding a few pearls. They're made from glass, not real actual pearl, but better than plastic. They have a nice glow to them that I think is a good counterpoint to the shine of the findings.

And yes, I'm struggling mentally about the imperfect spacing between elements. I didn't measure them exactly with a tape or anything because I felt that back in the day when women adorned things with simple repeating designs like this, they might have just eyeballed it --and hooray for authenticity. If I hadn't made the decision to add the pearls, I might have gotten away with it. And I'll probably just go ahead on and let it be what it is unless it looks really obvious.. Next time, though, I'll be a bit more discerning about my in-betweens.

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