Thursday, July 17, 2014

St James and some sleeves

Yesterday I got a note on Facebook that Camlann Medieval Village is having their St James Faire this coming weekend, with puppet shows, knightly combat, minstrels, and other festive events. Oh, that sounds lovely!  I thought. I wish I could go, but I'm pretty sure I have tons of clients this weekend, and besides, we just got back from OCF and our fun budget is probably just about depleted. 

I looked at their webpage again, wistfully remembering what a relaxing time we had when we went last summer. Next thing I knew, I had the browser window open to my work calendar. Holy cow, look at that -- only one client on Sunday, at 9 in the morning. And Camlann's festival starts at noon. That's plenty of time to make the drive there. And admission is only ten dollars!  I decided it was worth suggesting to Dave, and he said whatever makes me happy is fine -- and I promised to make him a new pair of pants to wear, I was so pleased.

The weather is predicted to be around 70 degrees, very mild and even cool, so I'm thinking this will be the first event for my new blue wool gown. In a frenzy of excitement, I made sleeves and stitched the lacing eyelets -- and even braided a quick cord to lace up the front. It's no picnic having a wool dress in your lap when it's 92 degrees outside and the house feels like an oven, but needs must. Now all  I need to finish is the bottom hem and it's a done deal.

I've got Imogene dialed down to her smallest size because I needed a picture of a small tunic I'm trying to sell. No time to crank her back up to "me" size -- and besides, I don't use her for proper sewing methods anyway. She's really just a mannequin for me to use in picture-taking and to let wool gowns hang and drape before I put in the hems. Stay tuned for pictures of the dress in actual wear soon!

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