Friday, July 25, 2014


I'm a big fan of marginalia, those quirky, colorful drawings that wend their way along the edges of medieval manuscripts. These images are useful to me because not only are they clever and engaging, they also can show us glimpses of what people were really like back then: what they thought about aspects of their life, what scared them, what made them laugh.

Today I read an article that is a great introduction to what's going on around the print edges of those old manuscripts. You can find it here. And if you're already a fan, like me, perhaps you'll find more to interest you in the British Library's blog -- it's a fun place to browse around on a rainy afternoon. 

The illuminated manuscript I see most commonly referenced is the Luttrell Psalter. Its margins are full of everyday medieval life, along with wicked beasts and battling animals. There's a movie that's been made by reenactors that really brings the Luttrell margin artwork to life. I think I've linked it here before, but it's so good I'll put it up again. Enjoy! 

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