Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sew In Tents!

I promise I'll stop with the tents/tense puns as soon as they stop making me smile. Honest. Also, I learned how to format the width of my writing space, so now I can make my pictures a little bigger and easier to see!

I stitched up all the panels last night. As all the sides are the same size and the main function for the walls is sun and wind protection, I've only made three panels, figuring we will always have one side open to the great outdoors. We have another tent for sleeping in, so privacy is not a huge issue.

Half-inch twill tape is stitched at intervals to make ties to attach the walls to the frame. A slip knot  is used so when it's time to break camp, a quick tug on the short tail of each knot loosens it. These pictures were taken before the ties going down the sides were sewn on, so the panels look more flappy than they will be when properly secured. I just wanted you to get an idea of the ongoing progress. There will be two ties going down the corner posts, and a loop at the bottom hem for a tent peg to secure them to the ground, plus two ties at the middle opening so we can tie them shut or pull them back like curtains, if desired.

Sally, my sewing machine, worked hard to punch through the five-plus layers of middleweight cotton fabric. She's a persnickety stitcher; there's only one bobbin I've found that she likes and won't turn into a knot of snarly tangles, and the heavy-duty needle I wanted to use was another no-go. "I can do it just fine with my regular needle, thank you very much. Just give me a moment." She can't help it -- she's made in England and has that stiff-upper-lip, no nonsense work attitude. Gotta love these vintage Singers and their little quirks.

Looking at it now, I'm thinking if I had it to do again, I'd pick a lighter-colored fabric, to help reflect sun and to look brighter. But as I got the entire bolt of 20+ yards of fabric for $10, I'm not going to complain.  After I stitch on the rest of the ties and give it all a quick treatment with water repellent, I'll post pictures of the finished tent in all it's glory. Stay tuned!

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