Saturday, October 1, 2011

14th Cent Fitted etc.

I wasn't happy with this dress when I finished the sleeve attachment last night. I tried it on over my t-shirt and felt that the neckline was too wide and deep, and the way it hung on my shoulders wasn't right. The color of the sleeves bothered me a bit, but you already know my feelings on that. I voiced my concerns to Dave and he wisely counseled that I try it on with the base garments I intended, and see if that made a difference.

Dave is so smart, you guys.

So right now I'm wearing (yes, as I type!) my linen smock, then my red flannel pettibodies, and the wool fitted gown to top them all and let me tell you: it weighs a ton! It's like walking around with wet terrycloth bathrobe on! But now that I can see and feel the true fit of the dress, I feel better about it.

Dig that gold lining!

Also, cute wool socks!

I still think the neckline is too wide. I might make a collar/inset kinda deal out of the sleeve material to bring the neck in a bit. The red flannel shows at my shoulders, and while it's bright and pretty, it's rather like having one's bra strap hanging out and I'd rather it didn't. By matching the collar to the sleeves, the difference in blues might look more like a design feature and less like a make-do, so there's that. We'll see.

This picture is the truest, color-wise, showing the difference between the body and sleeves. It's not so bad.

The sleeves and bottom of the skirt still need hemming, and of course there's all those buttonholes to work in (plus buttons to make, argh!) But I feel better about it now than I did at bedtime last night, so well done me and thank you Dave.

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