Thursday, October 6, 2011

Delays, delays

So I've got this horrific head cold. It lasted a few days and then I thought I was felling better, when WHAMMO, suddenly my head is stuffed with hot cotton and I can't breathe. All but the simplest tasks are met with a overwhelming feeling of irritation and frustration. The idea alone of making 30 buttons and stitching 30 buttonholes sends me horizontal on the couch with an ice pack over my eyes, wailing.

I have tried over and over to make decent woolen buttons, using the simple and concise instructions found here:
Yes, I know it's in Dutch. But those pictures are so clear, and my experience with German and Swedish actually help a lot, too. But no matter what I try, or how big or little I make my circles, my buttons don't shape into attractive little balls. They look like diseased bum holes. They are awful. I didn't even want to take a photo, they're that bad.

My dress is so close to completion! I want to get it done! I've even toyed with the idea of using wooden or pewter beads instead of making buttons, but I know that after I got done, I'd always feel defensive about the choice because it was stylistically wrong. It's to hard to be historically accurate in the face of buttons and a headcold.

But I can't let this beat me. I'm going to make a cup of tea and keep trying. Here's hoping the next post will be one of success.

'Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.' Michelangelo

UPDATE: I made buttons. It was fine. Go figure! Nine down and 21 to go. I know what I'm doing after work!

FURTHER UPDATE: I find that I actually like stitching buttonholes! I'm done with the front button/buttonholes, and have done half the buttonholes on one sleeve. I'd do more but I'm noticing that I'm starting to get sloppy, which means I'm tired and it's time to do something else for a bit; perhaps a steamy shower to loosen my sinuses. They're beastly!

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