Monday, October 10, 2011

Hood Bedlam. Hoodlum?

The hood is not a new project. I made a "liripipe" hood (the kind with the long tail) about a year ago, out of plum-colored flannel, but I was never happy with the way it fit. I dug out the mock-up I had made back then to see if I could figure out where I went wrong.

On comparing it to the directions on the page I linked yesterday, everything seemed fine. The measurements were accurate and by those instructions, this should be a fine, good-fitting hood. So why is it all bunched up around my neck? Why does it fall forward over my face and have this periscope-like tunnel of fabric that I have to cuff back three times in order to be able to see where I'm going?

Out comes the needle and thread, and I baste a few new seams, taking the top and back seam down by two inches each. Much better. I angle the face down to the chin to eliminate the I'm-wearing-a-tall-turtleneck look and decide that moving the gores up about two inches towards the head will take care of the bunching up around the neck.

This afternoon I'll cut out a new muslin, and we'll see if the changes are good. Stay tuned!

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