Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Fuschia File, part 5

More dye fun with the fuschia wool.

Hoping to tone down the pink a bit more, I tested swatches in dyebaths of Rit Dark Brown, Dark Green, and Navy Blue. Having used the brown before, I was simply hoping for a darker, wine-colored result. I theorized that the blue shade in the green dye would counteract the red/pink tones, and make for a more true brown. And the navy blue, well, I just had some of that left over. I figured it'd just go purple, and I wasn't far off. So here's the results:

In order from left to right: Dark Brown, Dark Green, and Navy blue, sitting on the original pink.

The whole tone of the picture is yellowed because of the indoor lighting available, but as you can see, the results were along the lines of "What shade of pink were you hoping for?"

Lesson learned: 5 yards of florescent pink wool is at Goodwill for a reason and should probably stay there unless one is making a flamingo costume.

But in the interest of salvage, I am going to mix the brown and green dye together, and try one last time to make this wool into a usable color. If I fail, it will be cut into strips and become a rag rug. A very pink rag rug. Unless someone has a better idea..?

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