Sunday, October 9, 2011

Consummatum est!

The 14th Century Gothic fitted gown is done!

I'll post pictures as soon as we find a bit of spare time to garb up and take them. Flu and sinus infection ran roughshod over us and has left our dwelling looking a bit... tornado-struck. First priority is to get things up to an acceptable standard, then I can put on my pretties and parade for the camera.

Tonight I'm going to make an effort on getting Dave's doublet decorated. He chose some metal rings that I'm going to stitch to the front in a pattern of some sort, and I'll be removing the buttons in favor of appliqued leather fastenings on the front. Should look pretty sharp!

I'm consulting with an artist friend for an upcoming project, and once things get a little more progressed there, I'm excited to tell y'all about it. But for now, my next project looks like it's gonna be....


I'm starting with the instructions found for the fitted hood on this page: , pretty simple, and I'll be going through my "small wool" drawer to see if there are any bits in there that would make a particularly appealing hood.

So, more on that later!

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