Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gryphon-y goodness.

I know you've all been waiting very patiently for me to post a bit of my work instead of snaps of my horse or links to other people's endeavors, so here you go: the embroidery on Dave's bag. 

There's some dark brown that will fill in the body, and then I'll work in the horizontal stitching and do the outlines and details. I really like the way this is looking. Originally I was going to stitch the body in a light blue, thinking it would looks more "heraldic", but as it gets closer, I think it will just look cartoon-y and weird. Dark brown it is.

I plan on lining the bag with a gold linen, and using some soft leather to make the channel for the drawstring. I think a motto is a must to frame the gryphon, so I'm playing with words and phrases to come up with something good and manly. Dave is gonna have one spectacular bag when I'm done. 

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