Saturday, July 21, 2012

Patio Sale Treasures

Today's haul:
A very lightweight linen tablecloth, 66"x100", with slight staining but otherwise perfect ($5)
Two yards of forest green wool ($4)
An approximately 4'x4' piece of deep green medium weight leather, kinda scruffy but will give that already-broken-in look to whatever I make with it ($1)
Four yards of heavyweight dark brown linen ($3)
A bag of assorted small balls of natural-colored wool (25 cents)
A bag of approximately a dozen skeins of fine Appleton Bros embroidery wool from England, so lovely I could barely speak when I saw them, and couldn't believe no one had snapped them up before me; each strand is thin as a pencil line ($4)

Seventeen dollars and one quarter, folks. There are bargains everywhere if you keep your eyes open.

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