Saturday, June 21, 2014

Finding belt fittings

I know there are many fine folks out there who make beautiful fittings for belts. I am aware of the research and talent they put into their work, and I've seen the lovely results. Unfortunately, I can't afford to spend the entirely reasonable amount that their work commands. If I were heavily involved in reenactment it would be another story, but as I only wear these outfits to suit myself once or twice a year, there's no way to justify the expense. However, I do still want to make my stuff look as suitable as possible. That's when the creativity bursts into full flame.

So, belt fittings. I went to one of my favorite little hideaways, a shop called Fun Junk . Nancy, the owner, always has dishes full of odds and ends and pieces and parts on some tables in the front of the shop and I just knew I'd find something workable there.

I wasn't disappointed. For five bucks I got a handful of these cog/gear things.  They're thin steel an inch across and I think they look rather sun-like. I cleaned them with some degreaser and brushed on some antique-gold Rub-n-Buff to make them a little more visually impressive. I'm going to play around with them, some gold metallic thread, and some pearl beads I have and see if I can come up with something that looks right to me.

The buckle and the tip end are another matter. Still have to figure out something for that. The obvious answer is taking up metalcraft myself, and I have considered it -- but doggone it, I can't do everything. There just isn't time. Or room in the garage. Plus, Dave gets nervous when I work with fire.

More pics of belt progress and perhaps a final decision on those sleeves for the new blue, coming up. Thanks for reading!

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