Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh, who can wait?

I was so taken with my exciting plan for my new belt that I pulled out some velvet and linen "just to see how it looked". Famous last words, am I right? Next thing you know I have the ironing board and scissors out.

I cut a two inch wide band of each, about eight feet long. I want to have lots of room to work with, and I'll adjust the length later on in the project.  I pressed in a deep hem, basically making two long strips of linen and velvet bias tape. I wanted the extra layers to add body and weight to the belt so it would drape right and stand up to the weight of whatever ornaments I find to put on it.

Putting the seams to the inside, I whip-stitched the length of both sides, being very careful of tension so that there wouldn't be any wrinkling or twisting. And here's the result so far.

I am very pleased with it! I think it's going to turn out very nicely, once I've added some frippery to it. I have ideas concerning some metallic thread and beads, and I'm keeping my eye out for adornments in all my usual places. Yes, thrift stores. Of course!

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