Sunday, June 22, 2014

I'm Sew Tents!

Camp, sweet camp.
We have a reliable old pop-up for camping or in the back yard to provide an extra shady spot to hang out. A few months back, I got a bolt of cotton fabric for $10 on an online auction thinking it would be the prefect thing to make side walls.  And I was right in so many ways!

 Not only is it a nice color and weight, it is the perfect width so that two full panels of it completely cover one side. I cut six seven-foot lengths to be the sides, and then cut three strips to make a kind of oversized bias tape to bind the tops. I put two panels together, overlapping them in the middle by about six inches, and pinned them to the top binding. All I need to do is two rows of stitching up top and a hem on the bottom. Then I'll pop some grommets into the top so we can hang the panels with laces or cable ties. I'll put three ties down the middle so we can tie them shut or tie them back, as we choose.

Best part? There's enough fabric left for me to make that steampunk work skirt I was talking about a few posts back. And perhaps a matching vest!

Here's Bosco, being a typical helpful cat.

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