Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Blue, part Two

Gave it a test try on, and wasn't pleased with the fit over the hips. Why do I never seem to remember that the gores I always want to leave out are important for that area of fit? Well, no matter. I'm adding two side gores in the spirit of an extant Herjolfenes garment that I hope will give me the ease I need in a manner consistent with the period. I'm just glad that I had enough of this fabric to do this extra cutting. 

I'm not doing the front and back inserts, because I've already cut that part of the skirt generously, but my side gore inserts look very much like the the ones shown here. Oh, and look at that -- a long sleeve with buttons. No thank you! I'm thinking I'll just do a long plain sleeve. Or something. Stay tuned for me to whimsically change my mind on that, too! 

It's called the creative process, people! 

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