Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Corset Update.

All I can say is, this better turn out to be a fantastic corset, because I'm not sure I have it in me to handstitch 130 boning channels ever again, much less work a chamois binding through all those tabs. Ugh, what a pain!

But look at how pretty it is! I'm super-pleased with how it's turning out.

I'm worried that the cableties won't be as supportive as I want. Today I drove out into the country to harvest some reeds from Offut Lake, but I was getting low on gas and short on time (it was farther than I had thought) and I had to return home before I even set foot in the water. This weekend's not looking too good for getting reeds, either. When did I suddenly get so busy?

So anyway, it's not too late to stuff reeds in there, and maybe I'll do that. At some point. I mean, why not?

And then I had this "Oh, duhhh.." moment when I looked at my five-millionth effigy corset picture and realized that there was a significant difference in the item I'm making, and the item in all these pictures, and that difference -- that significant difference that for some reason I never, ever noticed before -- is straps.

Oh, for the love of Og.

Drea Leed, your tabbed corset pattern mentions the effigy corset, and I guess that was good enough for me to go ahead on. So now here I am, deep into construction, and there's a lonely, open space at the top of my corset that can only be filled by straps.

Fortunately! I have enough fabric to put together straps and stitch them to the main body, and then once I bind it in chamois, it'll look just fine, and work as intended.


I hope so.

It'll be fine. Sure it will. And if anyone wants to come up and make an observation like "Ooh, you got some afterthought-y sort of straps going on there, don'tcha?" I'll just be all "Hey, you wanna be Mister Big Man and make strap comments? How 'bout you put on the ol' thimble and whip up a corset for me, if you're so set on perfection?"

Besides, somewhere in England in 1580, there was someone sewing a corset and making a mistake and working up a solution just like this. So, it's period. So there.

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