Friday, August 5, 2011

Score, again!

Theatre company yardsale! I bought a big bin of fabric AND a bolt of velveteen (that must be at least 10 yards) for ten bucks. Too bad it all smells mildewy. After a run through the wash, I'll post swatches. ...don't get all crazy, now.

Update: I have 16 yards of 48" plum-colored velveteen. I also have 6 yards of pink something-or-other, 10 yards of tan, diamond-patterned upholstery fabric, 7 yards of a mauve slubbed fabric that drapes nicely, and 1.5 yards of a very soft cream-and-tan brocade that I wish I had more of because it's yummy. There are smaller bits of cotton duck, and a watercolor satin-y brocade that, again, I wish there was more of.

The most important and useful bit is the velveteen, of course, and I have determined that it will make Dave's waffenrock, and also my very first reproduction of an actual extant garment: the red Pisa gown ( It's the perfect color! The carmine sottana I'm working on now will be a sort of test-run so I can practice a bit before I make the Pisa. Excited!

And if you're wondering what a "waffenrock" is, here's a pic.

And no, that's not Dave. It's the hub of this incredibly talented girl here:

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