Monday, August 15, 2011

Effigy work continues...

I've decided against cable ties for the boning in my effigy corset, in favor of reeds. Since I've gone to all the trouble of hand stitching and choosing the right materials, it seemed kinda cheesy to fall back on the plastic just because I felt reeds would be too much hassle to get.

Dave found 1600-foot rolls of 1mm reed at Amazon for $12 -- much less expensive than I thought they'd be -- so I asked him to place an order for me and they'll be here in my hot lil' sewing paws before the week is up. I'm hoping for Wednesday.

While I wait for the reeds to arrive, I've been working on the straps. I figure that I can stitch them on before slipping the reeds into the body, and then when I put the chamois binding on, it'll be solid enough, and hopefully not look too odd. I'll post pics of the attachment when I do it, so you can see what I came up with.

The back strap piece looked a little bland all by its lonesome, though, so I got creative and decided to add a little touch of fancy by quilting in a few flowers. My blue washable fabric marker makes the design easy to see, but the actual stitching is in pale pink; subtle, girly, and sweet. Three things I'm not, but doggone it, if you can't make secret pretties for yourself, who can you make them for? At least they're not angel wings. *smirk*

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