Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Viking!

I just realized that I had shown y'all my viking cloak, but I never showed the rest of the outfit.

First of all, I will admit/confess/share that my dress is not the traditional apron-dress that the average Norse woman would wear. That item of apparel looks like this:
Very cute, and I fully intend to make one like it someday.

<-- this is not me.

But while I was looking at pictures like that, getting my ideas all sorted in my head, I found another picture of a wildly-historically-inaccurate take on the apron-dress that made me sit up and *squee*.

I want you to look at that lacing up the side, ohmigawd. I mean, what is not to love? And the pattern could not be easier -- four identical pieces, cut as full as the width of the fabric. And that jaunty red binding? It was like a hiking boot for my whole body!

I got five yards of caramel-colored cotton duck canvas at Joann (on sale!) for $5/yard. You can find the plans I used to make it here:

I chopped up a linen tablecloth to make my smock. (I dyed it blue. Vikings love blue.) It's terrifically comfortable.

And of course one has to have the Viking bling for the front. Here's a close-up of mine. The central piece is an actual walrus tooth scrimshawed with a tiny seal.

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